meet the

Production Team

Company Manager
Sam Griesser
Assistant Company Manager
Luke Roberts
Stage Manager
Natasha King
Deputy Stage Manager
Kirsty Nixon
Assistant Stage Manager (Book Cover)
Joshua Knight
Assistant Stage Manager (Book Cover)
Jo Serbyn
Assistant Stage Manager (Book Cover)
Rowan Stolton
Head of Automation
Jack Wigley
Deputy Head of Automation
Carl Amies
Automation Assistants
Rhydian Lewis, Tom Vasey
Head of Lighting
Jack Berry
Deputy Head of Lighting
Phil Savill
Lighting No 3
Jack Harding, Jade Hughes
Follow Spot Operators/Lighting Show Crew
Heather Dunn, Michele Milne, Joe Thomas
Head of Sound
Jack Vincent
Deputy Head of Sound
Sam Roberts
Sound Assistants
Leah Silverton, Edward Winnifrith
Head of Stage
George Hughes
Deputy Head of Stage
Daniel Lapham
Stage Crew
Rebecca Haycock, Carl Maloney, Emily Nellis, Nduka Odiachi, Paul Pidgeon, Harry Slythe, Rob Timbrell, Jack Toland, Ernest Waller‑Whitehouse
Tech Swing
James Labdarbs
Head of Wardrobe
Sven Lehmpfuhl
Deputy Head of Wardrobe
Paige Earley
Wardrobe Assistants
Llinos Gunn, Chris ‘Spike’ Wilmer
Lydia Comer-Narroway, Jessica Fletcher, Joseph Fletcher, Jamie Green, Jennifer Gregory, Hannah Kuchar, Sophie Laugher, Aoife McAufield, Zoe Mortimer, Brett Somerville, Eoin Daly
Head of Wigs
Verity Pitt
Deputy Head of Wigs
Samantha Hutchings
Wigs Assistants
Elaine Amielle, Fay Boswell, Sarah Cortez, Giulia Varvello